Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Filipino Classics at C2

C2 Classic Cuisine is among those restaurants lined up on “The Ledge”-part of Shangri-La Mall, sharing the mall’s spacious “hallway’ space as dining area.

It was a Tuesday, lunch time and I’ve noticed that C2 has not that much customers, same as with other restaurants in the area.

Here are what our group had:
-          A medley of tokwa (fried tofu cubes), crispy dilis, fried fish, crispy squid (tender squid rings), etc:

-          Another “bilao” of chicken pork barbeque, boneless crispy pata, etc:

-          We also tried their “famous” Tinolang Binakol, your regular tinola with coconut meat twist! I’m not really a fan of binakol (even in other restaurants). The sweetness of coconut meat somewhat tastes weird with ginger soup. Anyways, they served it in a coconut shell which is a plus point for presentation.

              From all the dishes, what I really liked was their Sotanghon Guisado. I never thought that scrambled eggs will go well with vermicelli. It is also flavorful and has generous servings of pork and chicken strips.

Taste-wise, price-wise and service-wise, it was just okay.  For the same price-level, I think Namnam’s dishes taste better and Namnam really put that “twist” on the usual Filipino food. Maybe I’ll come back and try C2’s other offerings and perhaps I’ll be more satisfied.

For more information, you may visit their website:

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