Monday, September 01, 2014

My #Slipstream Experience

I’m a fan of Marlon Stockinger so I was really ecstatic when I found out that Globe Telecom has cooked up an event called “Globe Slipstream” where I can see him drive his Lotus Formula race car in person! Thankfully, my friend from Globe invited me to this one-of-a-kind “experience”.

And on August 30, all roads (well, most of the roads in BGC were barricaded because of the parade) lead to Bonifacio Gobal City. My friend and I went straight to the Main Stage area in Bonifacio High Street. 
Side view of the main stage. James Deakin was one of the emcees

But I guess the Mind Museum area is the best place to be to see Marlon and the other celebrities (Dingdong Dantes, Matteo Guidicelli, to name a few) up close. 

A few minutes past 1 PM, the event started. Various fast cars, go-karts and Ducatis were paraded.

And finally, Marlon Stockinger in his Lotus Renault race car! Seeing and hearing how fast the car (and how good Marlon is) was a total rush! Thanks to the HDR function of my phone, I was able to capture this moment here:

Aside from the parade, there were also various attractions like these photo-op walls:

Ducati Displays:

And the real treat—a chance to drive (simulator only) the Lotus F1 WSR Race Car! I think this booth had longest line but the wait was definitely worth it. Since I don’t know how to drive, I had a hard time stepping on the gas or brake pedals and I find the steering wheel hard to manage, but it was lots of fun! Good thing there were coaches (I suppose they are from Lotus) to guide us.

We weren’t able to visit the other attractions like Mad Science, etc because we were so famished amd decided to have early dinner.

At 7 PM, we went to the Bonifacio High Street Ampitheater where the Outdoor Music Festival was already ongoing.

For VIP ticket holders, you get a free raincoat, a food stub for free samplers from the various kiosks (Brothers Burger, Quiznos, etc) and this awesome blinking tag:

Up Dharma Down was the most recognizable band which performed. Yolanda Moon, Dualist Inquiry, DJ joey Santos were some of the acts.
Up Dharma Down in the house!

A  foam party ensued towards the end of the concert but we didn’t join because we don’t want to get wet (kill-joys, haha).

Overall, it was a great experience! I’m hoping that Globe will organize another event like this in the near future or perhaps, an actual race J

Globe Slipstream official page:

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