Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Puzzles Board Game Lounge

About two months ago, and after having dinner along Aguirre Ave in BF Paranaque, one of our friends suggested we try Puzzles Board Game Lounge. Playing board games while snacking and chatting with friends, why not?

It was late Saturday evening and Puzzles was really crowded (although the place is quite small to begin with). I wanted to sit on a really cute table on the floor with bean bags but it was already taken. Luckily, a table became vacant.

You have two options here: “stay + play” or “eat + drink”. For “stay + play”, you have to pay a gaming fee of PhP 100 per person for unlimited board games (yes! stay all you want, play all you want!). But if you just come here to “eat + drink”, then that gaming fee is waived and you just have to pay for your orders.

It’s been ages since I’ve last played a board game and I got really excited to see their almost 200 board games on the shelves (board game heaven!). There are old favorites like Monopoly and Jenga. There are are also plenty of new ones that I’m not familiar with like Cards Against Humanity, Cash and Guns and The King of Tokyo.

Our friend chose Pandemic.  Well, she’s the only one familiar with the game, but it was easy to learn.

While playing we ordered Mojo-Jojo’s Mojos, Oreo Afraid of the Dark, Callebaut Cold Brew and Strawberry Milkshake. The mojos has the right texture and has a flavourful dip. The Oreos were fried with vanilla ice cream (this one’s a winner!).  The Callebaut was good while the milkshake was creamy and too sweet. I find their menu a bit pricey because of the small servings.

And it was so much fun that we didn’t notice that we spent almost three hours playing PandemicIf it wasn’t already past midnight, we would have tried the other games. Before we left, we were able to chat with one of the owners and some of the game coaches. They are really friendly and you could ask for their assistance for the games that you are not familiar with. They even shared that sometimes Puzzles hold special gaming events or sometimes groups would compete with each other, especially on games that require a large number of participants. How cool is that?!

My friends and I loved the experience— and we’re raring to go back!

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