Friday, August 28, 2015

Kinabuchs: Food-tripping in Puerto Princesa (Part 2)

Second stop for this series: Kinabuchs Grill and Bar.

Also located along Rizal Avenue, and almost across KaLui, is Kinabuchs Grill and Bar. Kinabuchs is also one of the highly recommended restaurants in Puerto Princesa, especially for late night gimmicks or for those who would want to try exotic dishes like tamilok and crocodile.

And for our first night in Puerto Princesa, my friends and I went to Kinabuchs to try tamilok. Tamilok are woodworms found inside trunks of mangroves. Although they look like slimy gray worms, they are actually mollusks. It is usually served raw with vinegar. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for me! haha) the staff warned us that tamilok cannot be eaten on an empty stomach (we just came from our flight, hungry), so no tamilok experience for us!

Instead, we tried another popular exotic dish in Palawan, the crocodile sisig. So how does a crocodile tastes like? Well, it tastes like pork, but I think crocodile meat is leaner and more tender. Like the usual sisig, it has egg, bell pepper, onion, and calamansi. Well, you can’t go wrong with a sisig and it really goes well with hot steamed white rice!

We also ordered gising-gising. Kinabuchs’ version is made with water spinach, ground pork and some shrimp and chilli. My first time to eat gising-gising, and I find the spiciness moderate (I dont like spicy food!). We also had another popular Kinabuchs dish, the bulalo. Although the soup is comforting, there’s not much meat in the bone marrows. We also tried their fresh lumpia and it was okay. We all had iced tea slush. It was interesting because it is frozen iced tea or like an iced tea shake, refreshing and not that sweet.

Kinabuchs is a Filipino-themed open-air restaurant-cum-sports bar. It has a big and spacious area. Some of tables are “inside nipa huts” while other tables are sprawled along the “parking lot”, al fresco, under lit trees. They also have a big projector screen showing sports events (although you can’t hear what was being shown on screen!) They have bars and I heard they also have billiard tables and dart boards, but I wasn’t able see it.

Even though service is kinda slow, Kinabuchs is ideal for that laid back night in Puerto Princesa, not to mention, it is affordable too!

For more information:
Tel Nos: (048) 4345194 or (48) 4332580

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