Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Team Building is Fun at Tree Top Adventure Baguio!

People troop to Baguio City for fun outings or to simply enjoy the holiday break. But did you know that the City of Pines can also be a destination place for team-building activities?

Tree Top Adventure, located inside Camp John Hay may be known as an extreme adventure theme park, but it is also the only team-building facility in Baguio City.

As part of the Bloggers’ Baguio Getaway Package, select bloggers, myself included, participated in the Team Building Activity facilitated by Tree Drop Adventure last May 13.

Bloggers were divided into Green and Red Teams. Azalea Residences Baguio staff also joined us as the Blue Team.

Our team, the Green Team or Team Good Genes! (photo by Eric Tan)

Red Team or Team-Ang (photo by Jace Mendoza)

Blue Team or Team Azalea (photo by Eric Tan)

First order of the day was to create a cheer for your team. Creativity and cooperation must come into play. We won this round -- thanks to the creativity of Allan!

Our winning cheer! (photo by Eric Tan)

Next is the Plank Step. Members must travel up to the finish line using the planks provided. This is quite difficult as the planks were small and your feet must not touch the floor. All of you will be close (literally and figuratively) after this game, haha.

Green Team doing the Plank Step (photo by Jace Mendoza)

The most difficult task for our team was the Pipeline –we weren’t able to finish this actually. Each member must hold a pipe with one hand and connect it with the other pipes to transfer a ping-pong ball up to the finish line, without letting it fall off the ground. Patience and coordination will be tested here.

Green Team doing the Pipeline (photo by Jace Mendoza)

This was followed by the ABC Game. We formed two lines, back –to-back with our teammates. Each has to say one letter of the alphabet in the proper sequence. Catch is, the next to recite should not be the one beside or behind you. The ability to concentrate is needed here. I think we were the fastest for this game.

Green Team doing the ABC Game (photo by Jace Mendoza)

The easiest activity was the Helium Stick. Here, we have to lower a long, thin, lightweight rod to the ground. Communication and coordination with other team members is vital to achieve this task.

Green Team doing the Helium Stick (photo by Eric Tan)

Next was Loop Lift. We have to lift a giant loop ring to another station. The catch -- marbles on each handle and on the center of the loop must not fall off! Talk about coordination and control. I’m proud to say that our team was able to do this in a jiffy!

Green Team lifting the loop (photo by Jace Mendoza)

We proceeded with the Bar Lifter Balancer. We have to lift bars up to a certain height simultaneously at the fastest time – without the marbles of each bar falling off! Coordination skills and strategy will be tested here.

Green Team lifting and balancing the bars (photo by Jace Mendoza)

Next is Gem Drop. This was quite difficult also because you have to get a cube from the floor and drop it to its proper place by pulling and pushing ropes. Strategy and teamwork is a must here. I think we finished second for this round.

Green Team doing the Gem Drop (photo by Jace Mendoza)

The last activity was the Treasure Hunt. First, we have to form the map to determine the location of a “Buloy.” Two of our members searched for it. But it doesn’t end there -- we have to answer a riddle. Mind you, the riddles were difficult! We finished second for this activity.

completing the map & guessing the riddle (photos by Jace Mendoza)

looking for the "Buloy" (photos by Eric Tan)
And finally the announcement of the grand winner -- the Blue Team! Even though our team finished second, I felt that we have accomplished a lot by giving our best effort in every activity. At the same time, we had fun and really bonded well even if most of us just met each other for the first time! We have learned to adjust, cooperate and be a team-player.

The facilitators were knowledgeable and helpful. The activities are measurable and can really build camaraderie among groups. Thank you Tree Top Adventure for this wonderful team-building experience!

For more info, Tree Top Adventure’s official website:

Special shout-out to TravelBook Ph, the official media partner for this event. Check them out at:


  1. Glad to have done this with you, Jacq! :)

  2. Dahil ikaw ang meron kami na wala sila!!! haha
    in our hearts, i know we won, biter lang ang peg, haha

  3. Good genes are hard to find forever!!! <3


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