Tuesday, June 14, 2016

5 Reasons Why EDM Parties are the Best!

Summer is officially over, but who says you can’t still that have that EDM party by the beach? Here are five reasons why you should attend one:

5. The Encounter
Experiencing a rave celebration in the flesh differs from any type of festivals you will encounter on this planet! You will certainly be outdoors, delighting in the fresh air and taking in an ambience that is incomparable.

4. Wearing Funky Beach Clothes
You will be able to wear outfits that you would generally not use on normal days, or even in regular parties. There are no rules when it comes to beach outfits, so create something imaginative, something that draws attention, something funky. Think Coachella!

3. Being on the Beach
One of the best experiences of participating in beach raves is that feeling of happiness of just being by the beach. Although summer is over, it will still be enjoyable as you allow the sunlight to kiss your face the second time around in a cooler way, as your favorite band and DJ rock the stage for the hundreds of rave followers that you will be joining.

2. Make Friends
Beach raves are participated in by crowds with similar tastes in music. If you go to an EDM celebration, you will certainly be amongst EDM followers. These festivals will certainly be the best venue in making friendships that will last for a lifetime, or perhaps up until the celebration ends.

1. The Rave
You're there for the raves, why else would you be going to a rave celebration? Sure, there are so much more to beach festivals like arts and crafts, however,  the rave is the primary reason that you go to rave parties, right?

Photo from Sunburn Music Festival

So, party with us at Sunburn Music Festival this coming August 27, 2016 at Lingayen, Pangasinan. For more details, check out the following:

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