Thursday, February 06, 2014

Wakeboarding 101 at Republ1c Wakepark

Okay, I admit it. I don’t know how to swim so I’m not really that excited to participate in any water activities, much less to wakeboard! But through a prodding by a good friend, I gave it a try.

So off we go to Republ1c Wakepark in Nuvali. My friends and I left after lunch on a Friday so as to avoid the influx of weekend wakeboarders. There are various ways on how to get to the wakepark (better check their website at the end of this article).

We arrived at Repub1c Wakepark at mid-afternoon and scouted the area first before we registered. A tip--once you registered, that is when the time for the pass will start.

We watched as experienced wakeboarders do their thing at the Pro Area, which has obstacles, ramps, etc.on the artificial lake.

The Pro Area at night

There is also a Swimming Pool, Snack Bar and a Pro Shop where they sell wakeboards, wakeskates, bindings, helmets and vests.

We went back at the Registration Area and signed up a form and a waiver. We availed the 2 hour pass which is P470/pax (this was three months ago as of posting). Plus there’s a deposit fee of P800/pax which will be refunded after returning the wristband, life vest, and helmet.

We changed into our wakeboarding outfits in a spacious and comfortable restroom where you can also shower after the activity. It is advisable to wear rash guard and board shorts or leggings.

Bring as little stuff with you as possible as there are no lockers to leave your things while wakeboarding. You just leave them at the sort of gazebos/huts along the wakeboard area.

We proceeded to the Beginners’ Area where a few are waiting for their turn. There was a family with kids who regularly wakeboards and few groups of friends/officemates. For newbies, be not afraid--there’s also an instructor who will teach you the basics, like how to hold the cable, the proper stance, etc.

getting instructions

The Beginners’ Area is much smaller than the Pro Area. There’s a long, straight cable which just basically pulls you from one point to another. The instructor and my wakeboarder-friend told me to just hold on the cable’s handle and let it carry me through.

Dreadedly, it’s my turn! At the first pull of the cable, i was dragged into the water(as expected!). This happened a number of times until I finally got the hang of it and was able to wakeboard from the starting point to the end point.

I was my friends’ “butt” of jokes as what I was doing isn’t really wakeboarding but more of “butt-boarding.” I wasn’t able to stand on the wakeboard and I had this sort of sitting posture that my butt keeps on rubbing the surface of the artificial lake! (and it was awful,really)

Butt-boarding! children, do not try this at home!

Even with my body aching and many failed attempts, it was really a triumphant feeling to be able to “wakeboard.”  I somehow overcame my fear of water. I’ll definitely come back and next time, I’d really be able to stand on the wakeboard and maybe try the Pro Area!

For rates, schedules and directions, check out Repibl1c Wakepark’s official website:


  1. LOL butt boarding, just be careful don't get yourself hurg]f

  2. Thanks! Hopefully next time I wakeboard, I wont be using my butt! haha


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