Sunday, April 20, 2014

Say malinamnam at Namnam!

My college friend recommended Namnam Comfort Food for our get-together lunch. Good idea for a restaurant name, I thought. But I kind of got lost looking for Namnam because the last time I went to Greenbelt 2, the occupant of that space was still Masas. Plus, another resto was occupying the top floor of Namnam (BurgerBar).

Anyway, I find their menu quite interesting and new. They serve traditional Filipino dishes with a modern-day twist.  Also, they have small servings (good for one) so that we can sample as many dishes at possible.

What I loved was the Caramelized Patis Wings. It is chicken wings in Palawan honey and patis glaze.Promise, there’s no hint of the patis taste, it’s actually more on the sweet side. I also liked its crispiness.
Caramelized Patis Wings (or what was left of it)
PhP 155 (small size)

Next is the Beef Belly Bulalo. The beef is so tender and the soup so flavourful. It goes well with plain rice.
USDA Beef Belly Bulalo
PhP 298 (small size)

A classic favourite, Adobong Kangkong was good also, as expected.
Adobong Kankong
PhP 100 (small size)

We also tried the Ensaladang Namnam made of bagoong, mango, tomatoes, and—surprise-- tinapa flakes and shredded pomelo! But i find it quite “dry” though.
Ensaladang Namnam
PhP 115 (small size)

And of course, a trip to a Filipino restaurant wouldn’t be complete without adobo and sisig.

I don’t usually order shakes when dining out because it makes me feel too full, but Namnam’s shakes selection is really inviting that I had just to give in. The Ube Sago and Strawberry Camias is too die for! The Ube Sago is like ube ice cream and very tasty and creamy. I was having second thoughts on trying Strawberry Camias but the waiter prodded me—and the sweetness of strawberry coupled with the subtle sourness of camias—turned out to be a refreshing combination.
Ube Sago, PhP 95
Strawberry Camias, PhP 115

Our stomachs have no more room for dessert. We haven’t even tried their popular dishes (more reasons to go back here, haha). Plus, their prices are quite affordable for a restaurant in this row in Greenbelt 2. With their innovative menu and more, I can’t wait to dine here again.

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