Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stackers Burger Cafe at ATC

My church mates and I were supposed to watch Captain America: Winter Soldier at the Alabang Town Center (ATC), but then all the good seats were taken so we decided to just eat instead.

Since it is a Sunday afternoon, most of the restaurants at the ground level of the mall’s expansion wing (“The Garden”) were jampacked, so we ended up at Stackers Burger Cafe, which was not full at that time. It’s good that we were seated in front of their two wide screen TVs which shows foreign movies and trailers.

I remembered that I already tried their burger at their branch in Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila a year ago but I can’t recall if it was good or not. No one ordered a burger this time, we decided to eat “light” instead.

I feel like eating “healthy” so I ordered their Asian Burger Bowl. It is made up of romaine lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, chopped nuts and topped with a quarter pounder burger patty and fried wanton flakes. It comes with an oriental dressing on the side. I was not able to finish it because this is the worst veggie salad that I’ve tasted. What a disappointment!

One of my friends also ordered a salad, the Barbeque Burger Bowl. Angus beef patty is served on a bed of greens with cherry tomatoes, corn kernels, fried wanton flakes, grated cheese and barbecue sauce. It comes with a ranch dressing on the side. I guess her salad was good because she didn’t comment.

The rest of the orders included:

Creamy Carbonara – spaghetti with creamy garlic carbonara sauce with sliced mushrooms and bacon bits

Classic Rocky Road Glacier

Premium Blueberry Cheesecake Glacier – this one looks really tempting! I have to order this next time.

Capuccino with that cute heart design. No, they don’t have biscotti (as shown in the photo below) – that was baked by one of our companions.

Although disappointed with my salad, I think I’ll go back here and try their burgers and baked fried chicken next time.

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