Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Eat all you can at Cabalen!

One time that I was at the cinema area of Alabang Town Center, I passed by Cabalen and saw that their regular buffet costs only PhP 298 per pax (or PhP 333.76 vat in). Since I’ve heard about Cabalen for the longest time and haven’t tried it yet, I decided to treat my mom and relatives here.

Here’s a rundown of what they offer:

The best this buffet has, is of course, the lechon de leche. This one goes out really fast. I also loved their native longganisa.
Sorry, but the lechon was gone in a flash!

Their sinigang and arroz caldo is always hot (which is good!). But I prefer my arroz caldo with egg.

What’s interesting here is the beringhe. I guess this is the Pinoy version of paella. This one’s made of sticky rice and coconut milk with some carrots, green peas, egg, chicken, sausage, etc. Another one is the crispy kangkong—my companions kept on going back for this light, snack-like dish.

Here’s a set of Kapampangan classic dishes:

Here’s the section for grilled fish, etc. I liked their pork sisig and sizzling tofu.

They also have a salad bar:

And finally, time for dessert! They have a chocolate fondue and a variety of Pinoy dessert mainstays like halo-halo, gunomis, biko, fresh & cooked banana, fresh pineapple and gelatin.

For unlimited drinks like iced tea and softdrinks, just add Php 60. Overall, service was good and hey, where can you find a buffet restaurant that can only cost you this much?

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