Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blogapalooza 2014

Stoked!--my first time to attend Blogapalooza last October 11 at SMX Aura. So what is Blogapalooza? It is where businesses can network and showcase their products or services to the online community.

Hundreds of bloggers and social media influencers trooped to the whole day event. Plenty of booths were set-up for the sponsors and they were also given time to present their products and services.
registration area
some of the booths
sponsors' presentation time

I didn’t go to all of the booths, so what I’m going to run down here are the ones I visited. Most of the gimmicks were about taking photos, just like in the booths of View Park Hotel Tagaytay, Ace Hotels & Suites and Caronia.

For My Shopping Box, Chooks To Go and Flawless, you have to participate in games in order to win a prize.
I won 2 gift packs! And I thought I was such a loser in darts :)

There were also booths for registering for Sample Room (, EatOutManila ( and Zap (, which are offering interesting services—I highly encourage everyone to check out their websites.

Some, like Max’s, Crocs, Bioessence, Ysa Skin & Body Experts, Chips Ahoy) gave away promo materials or product samples.
Some of the freebies from the various booths

Going hungry while booth-hopping was not a problem since Yellow Cab and House of Lasagna gave away food samples-yum! But what I really enjoyed most is the make-your- own-doughnut gimmick of Krispy Kreme.
My finished product!

Niu by Vikings also had a food tour, which I shall write about in a separate post.

Thank you and congratulations to the event organizers, and Looking forward to Blogapalooza 2015!


  1. Hey! Had a great time at Blogapalooza too! ♥ Hope to see you next time! :)

  2. Hi Pia! yes, hope to meet you in any blogger event soon! I visited your blog--it's nice :)

  3. I'm dying to join this kinds of events. Next year, I hope I could join. I have to make sure too that I have instagram and the likes :D

    1. Hi Teri! yeah make sure you can attend na next year! by the way, i visited your blog :)


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