Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Italianni’s at Robinson’s Place Manila

About three weeks ago, I had a lunch meeting at Italianni’s Robinson’s Place branch. Although Italianni’s has been in operation for how many years already, this is only the second time I was able to dine here (and the first time for this branch). 

Italianni’s is located just outside the mall area (Midtown wing, Ground level). Its interior is nicely decorated with photos and paintings; wooden tables and furnishings were simple but elegant. But even if it was peak time, only about four tables were occupied.

A complimentary basket of freshly baked Tuscan and Foccacia bread paired with olive oil and balsamic vinegar was served first.

For starters, we ordered Sicilian chicken salad. It is chicken breast, romaine lettuce, ripe mangoes, red grapes and walnuts in anchovy dressing. It is creamy and filling (generous amounts of chicken!).
Sicilian Chicken Salad, PhP 650 regular size

And of course, we had the highly recommended Spinach and artichoke formaggio (Php 695 abbondanza). This one is spinach, artichoke and mushroom in a creamy blend of cheeses served with toasted garlic bread. It tastes so good that when I remembered to take a photo of it, it was all gone!

For the main dish, we tried the Farmer’s Bundle consisting of choice of Aglio spaghetti or Spaghetti pomodoro (we chose Pomodoro), Herb roasted spring chicken and Baby back ribs. The Pomodoro has a light, spicy olive oil-garlic taste. The tender Ribs has a really tasty barbeque sauce while the Roasted chicken just tasted okay. Though, I must say that I find the serving size for this Bundle too small.
Farmer’s Bundle, PhP 1,345
(forgot to take a photo of the roasted chicken, so placed text instead!)

For the drinks, we tried their Berry dalandan and Lymonada. Lymonada is just like the usual lemonades in other fine dining restaurants but the sweetness of strawberry and sourness of dalandan makes Berry Dalandan unique and refreshing.
Berry dalandan, PhP 120
Lymonada, PhP 140

Food is of good quality and has that authentic Italian taste. Plus, they have a variety of dishes and drinks to choose from. Service is good also, but prices are quite expensive. For more information, visit their website:


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