Friday, November 07, 2014

A coffee shop or a Thai restaurant? It’s Black Canyon Coffee!

When Black Canyon Coffee, a popular chain in Thailand, opened in the Philippines two years ago, my friend kept on prodding me to try it out since it is one of her favorite restaurants. Finally, last October 25, I was able to dine at Black Canyon Coffee’s first branch in the country—at the Food Strip area of SM Southmall, Las Pinas.

Inside, there’s a relaxing and comfortable ambiance of a coffee shop. But looking at the menu, Black Canyon Coffee has the "extensiveness" of a restaurant. Aside from various coffee concoctions and beverages, they also have ample Thai international cuisine to choose from.

My friends and I ordered the following:

Chef Salad – Nice combination of greens, carrots, shrimps, slices of boiled eggs, green apples and cheese. It came with a Japanese sesame dressing. Other dressing options are chili lime or salad cream.
Chef Salad, PhP 206

Spicy Glass Noodles with Grilled Salmon Salad – We asked the water to have it served “less spicy.” The combination of glass noodles, grilled salmon, peppers, peanuts, onions in a vinegar-based dressing creates a play in your taste buds.
Spicy Glass Noodles with Grilled Salmon Salad, PhP 242

Stir fried Pasta with Ham and Tomato Sauce – I was supposed to order Fish Steak but when I saw the photo of Stir fried Pasta with Ham and Tomato Sauce, it looked so enticing so I changed my mind! It is fusilli pasta loaded with mushroom, ham, green peas, onion, bell pepper and what seemed like scrambled eggs in tomato sauce.
Stir-fried Pasta w/ Ham & Tomato Sauce, PhP 212

Grilled Salmon with Spicy Apple Salad and Coconut Rice – As my friend said, “you can never go wrong with salmon” and their tender salmon tasted just right. I liked the combination of peanuts and apples on the salad. It was also my first time to try coconut rice and I loved it!
Grilled Salmon w/ Spicy Apple Salad & Coconut Rice, PhP 242

For the drinks, we had Lemongrass Juice, Blueberry Delight and Thai Iced Tea with Milk. Even though the Lemongrass Juice tastes weird, it is refreshing. Blueberry delight is blueberries mixed with yoghurt. Thai Iced Tea with Milk is one of Black Canyon Coffee’s popular drinks.
Lemongrass Juice PhP 80, Blueberry Delight PhP 130, Thai Iced Tea with Milk Php 90

Our total bill was PhP 1,405.04 (inclusive of 5% service charge) so I can say prices are reasonable. The downside is, their serving size is really small. But definitely, Black Canyon Coffee will be on my list whenever I just want to have coffee or maybe, even have a full meal.

Black Canyon Coffee Philippines official website:


  1. Good recommendation. I will try this soon because I am a coffee lover

    1. Thanks marc! i think they recently opened in mckinley hill. maybe it's nearer to your place :)


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