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The Swiss Deli Restaurant in BF Paranaque

Some of us maybe familiar with Swiss Deli, having been a favorite restaurant and deli place in Davao City for some years now. Plus, Swiss Deli meat products such as sausages can be bought in select supermarkets nationwide.

Fortunately for us Metro Manila, Chef Jeffry Lua and wife Chef Rachel (daughter of the Swiss butcher who partly owns The Swiss Deli and Restaurant in Davao) opened The Swiss Deli Restaurant in BF Homes, Paranaque City last October 8, 2013.

The Swiss Deli Restaurant mainly serves Swiss cuisine and a host of European dishes that several bloggers, myself included, were able to sample last November 20, upon the invitation of the jovial Mr. Lua.

When the Cheese Fondue was brought to our table, I can smell the aroma as bubbly melted cheese was served in a pot over a small burner. I felt like a kid again as I excitedly dipped the long-stemmed fork with bread onto the warm concoction of Swiss appenzeler, emmenthal, gruyere cheese and wine (you have an option to order this without the wine). This is a perfect treat for a cheese lover like me!
Cheese Fondue, PhP 650 (serves 2-4)

We were given two kinds of salads—Swiss Sausage and Cheese Salad and Mediterranean Pasta Salad. The first salad, Swiss Sausage and Cheese Salad is made of seasonal greens, and numerous slices of Swiss sausage and gruyere cheese. The flavors of both sausage and cheese complement each other.
Swiss Sausage Cheese Salad, PhP 290

On the other hand, Mediterranean Pasta Salad is composed of seasonal greens, tube pasta and loads of tuna chunks served with Italian dressing. This is really filling and the tuna is appetizing.
Mediterranean Pasta Salad, PhP 175

We also had Aglio E Olio with Mixed Seafood.  Swiss Deli Restaurant used tube pasta and topped it with seafood for their take on this classic pasta cooked in olive oil and garlic.
Aglio E Olio with Mixed Seafood, PhP 270

Of course, never leave Swiss Deli Restaurant without ordering their Sausage Platter, consisting of veal bratwurst, Hungarian sausage, frankfurter and English beef banger. Among the four, my favorite is the frankfurter (really tasty!) while I find the Hungarian sausage too spicy. You can also dip these sausage slices on the cheese fondue for an added food adventure!
Sausage Platter, PhP 400

Among those that Mr. Lua recommends for the main dishes is the Marinated Beef Ribs. The succulent beef ribs is cooked in flavorful sauce and served with mashed potato.
Marinated Beef Ribs, PhP 315

Next is the Salmon. The white wine sauce complements the perfectly grilled salmon. It is served with spatzle. Spatzle is soft egg noodles or dumplings traditionally used as side dish.
Salmon, PhP 355

Another must-try is Chicken “Zurich Style”. This is bite-size slices of chicken breast cooked in creamy mushroom sauce and served with English fries.
Chicken “Zurich Style”, PhP 220

This is my favorite main dish—Pork Knuckle. It is Swiss Deli Restaurant’s version of the crispy pata. The skin is crispy whilst the meat is tender. It is served with potatoes and sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is shredded cabbage that is fermented. It is crunchy and sour—a fitting condiment for the pork knuckle.
Pork knuckle, PhP 395

For dessert, we had Apple Strudel (served a la mode), Caramel Cake (topped with whipped cream and pistachios/almonds) and Creme Brulee Cheesecake (crème brulee and cheesecake in one!). But what I liked best was the Fire and Ice Bread Pudding. The play of warm pudding and icy vanilla ice cream in my mouth is irresistible. These desserts are not too sweet, which is just right for me.
TOP: Apple Strudel, PhP 120 & Caramel Cake, PhP 120
BOTTOM: Creme Brulee Cheesecake & Fire and Ice Bread Pudding, PhP 130

For the drinks, the other bloggers chose Four Seasons, House Blend Iced Tea (home-made iced tea with lychee), and Pomegranate Mojito. I opted for the refreshing Cucumber Lemonade. I was also able to take a sip of the Basil Lemonade—interesting and light combination. As a nightcap, we also had Cafe, though this one’s made from barako coffee.
FROM LEFT: Four Seasons, PhP 145; 
House Blend Iced Tea, PhP 145 & Pomegranate Mojito, PhP 120
Cucumber Lemonade PhP 120 & Basil Lemonade, PhP 120
BOTTOM: Cafe, PhP 65

Of course, Swiss Deli Restaurant also sells their very own made sausages, cold cuts and other deli meats (their factory is in Davao) plus, imported European cheeses and other delicatessen. 

We tried their Pesto Gouda Cheese--creamy cheese jazzed up with the distinctive pesto taste. 
cut slices of Pesto Gouda Cheese

Thank you Mr. Lua for letting us discover another culinary gem along this restaurant strip of Aguirre Avenue. For store hours, contact numbers and other information, check out the following:

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