Thursday, March 12, 2015

Zipline with tigers: Are you brave enough?

Imagine riding a 130-meter long zipline on an 8-pax capsule made of welded wire where chickens are attached to it. From a height of 10 meters, the capsule will then drop down to about 1 foot from the ground. The tigers will then excitedly outdo each other to get the chickens around the capsule. What a way to zoom and drop in the tiger sanctuary and test your bravery!

So are you brave enough? Then, be the first to see and experience this through the newest and only zipline ride with the tigers, the Kamikazoo. Kamikazoo, a new heart-stopping attraction in Zoobic Safari, will be launched on March 21, 2015.

Zoobic Safari, the only tiger safari in the Philippines, is located in Subic Freeport Zone. Aside from Kamikazoo, experience other exciting adventures in visiting its classic attractions--Serpentarium; a wild encounter with snakes, lizards and iguanas; Zoobic Park, a walk-through petting zoo; Tiger Safari, an enclosed safari jeep ride that will take you to the tigers’ natural habitat; and Croco Loco, a crocodile lair with more than a hundred crocodiles where you will have a chance to feed them.

Other amazing attractions at Zoobic Safari are Savannah, Zoobic Cave and Forbidden Cave. Packed with more thrill and excitement, discover your braver side and tour around this exotic sanctuary. Plus, anticipate a wilder quest with another feral attraction, the Lion Safari.

For an overdose of fun and excitement this summer, visit one of the happiest places, Zoobic Safari, open daily from 8am to 4pm. For details you can visit its website or contact them at 09166299381.

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