Monday, March 30, 2015

Zoobic Safari: Kamikazoo and ZOO much more!

Last March 28, print, broadcast and online media were invited to have a sneak peek of the newest and only zipline ride with the tigers, the Kamikazoo. Kamikazoo is Zoobic Safari’s latest attraction wherein a capsule (cable car made of welded wire) carrying about eight passengers will be dropped down to a tiger sanctuary. But here’s the catch—chickens will be attached to the capsule so that tigers will eagerly come near and gobble up the chickens around the capsule!

Kamikazoo is somewhat similar to the Tiger Safari but instead of an enclosed jeepney ride, you will be riding a capsule on 130-meter long zipline. Then from a height of 10 meters, the capsule will dropped to about one foot from the ground where the tigers are. Now that’s an added thrill!

We were also given a chance to enjoy the other attractions at Zoobic Safari. Of course, there’s the Tiger Safari—it was a one-of-a-kind experience to be able to come that close to tigers in a “natural setting” and be able to feed them.

Another favorite of mine is the Croco Loco. Here, you can feed the crocodiles (there's so much of them!) with chicken meat dangling from a wooden pole/rod. It was thrilling to see the crocodiles jumping for the bait!

Some of the attractions we visited:
Zoobic Cave – display of preserved exotic animals such as Bengal cats, wild goats, etc
Forbidden Cave - dark mini forest with a mini hanging bridge (& a crocodile underneath!)
Close Encounter – see numerous tigers up close in their breeding
Savannah - tram will pass through the “savanna” where animals such as ostriches, potbelly pigs, mountain goats, camels, etc roam around
Bone/Skin Muzooeum – collection of skeletons and preserved skin of rare animals such as sheep, deer, ostriches, crocodiles, etc
Aetas’ Trail – traditional Aeta village showcasing their dance and indigenous items. An Aeta can also teach you to shoot arrows for a minimal fee
Hip-Hop Bay-A-Walk- we had fun hopping on cut tree trunks with different elevations to go to the next attraction

They also have an animal show displaying the trained animals’ antics. Zoobic Safari is definitely a fun place to be for the whole family or for the whole barkada. Zoobic Safari, the only tiger safari in the Philippines, is located at the Subic Freeport Zone. For operating hours, directions on how to get there and rates, visit or contact them at 09166299381.

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